Christian Formation

Following Jesus is a lifelong Journey!

Looking for an enriching and exciting spiritual journey? Look no further than our welcoming church community! Here, we have something for everyone regardless of your age or background. Come and explore our Sunday School classes, youth groups, and senior adventurer programs. Our community is full of amazing people and together we learn, grow, and build deep and meaningful connections with one another. Who knows, you may even gain a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual enlightenment during your stay. So let us come together and share love and compassion, as that is what our community is all about!

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Family Ministries

Children's Ministry

Welcome to Forest Hills! We are thrilled to have young minds and hearts join us on a journey of faith. At our church, we prioritize the spiritual formation of children, and Pastor Katy delivers children’s messages during worship services that are engaging and relevant. We understand the desire of parents to have their children remain in worship, and we warmly offer a “Matthew Mat” in our sanctuary for them. Moreover, our volunteers lead a vibrant Children’s Church where children can participate in crafts and activities that bring the message of the day to life. Join us as we commit to guiding our children in discovering God in a loving and supportive community.

Youth Ministry

Discover the vibrant Youth Ministry program at Forest Hills and become part of an amazing community where you can develop your spiritual life while making lifelong friendships. Our inclusive and safe space provides young people in grades 6-12 with exciting game nights, lock-ins, and retreats, as well as opportunities for meaningful community service projects. Come and learn to serve God and others, while growing in character and personal strength. You are invited to join us and be part of unforgettable memories, where your heart will be filled with the joy of connecting with others who share your passion and values. Let’s grow together and become the best version of ourselves!

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